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Dual Whatsapp iPhone Use dual WhatsApp Account On iPhone

These days, it is quite common to have more than one mobile number. It is typical for most people to have one private number and one that they use for business. Nowadays, most people prefer to communicate online. WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms for communicating over the internet. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with 1.5 billion users in 180 countries. WhatsApp only supports the use of one number, which is its biggest drawback. At the moment, multiple numbers cannot be supported. Most smartphone manufacturers now offer devices with a multi-sim capability. From iPhone Xs, Apple also introduced support for E-sim. Use dual WhatsApp Account On iPhone

Use Dual Whatsapp on iPhone

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For years now, Android devices have been able to clone applications. Users can use the same apps with different accounts at the same time by using this cloning feature. As far as iOS is concerned, it is quite difficult to clone applications. Jailbreaking an iPhone/iPad and then cloning applications is one method that is difficult and only a few people use. Yet, jailbreaking is cumbersome and not many people are willing to do it. For iPhone users, there is still a simple method to run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Use dual WhatsApp Account On iPhone

Use and Install Multiple WhatsApp Account On iPhone in 2021

Whatsapp is not designed to use two different numbers simultaneously. But Whatsapp realized this problem that many people these days use different numbers for their personal and business use. So Whatsapp released a separate application for their business users. Now you can get one Whatsapp for personal use and one Whatsapp for your business use on your iPhone running iOS 10 or later.
The method is pretty simple. Follow these steps to get two Whatsapp accounts on your iPhone and iPad: Use dual WhatsApp Account On iPhone

  • Assuming you already have normal Whatsapp installed on your device, head over to AppStore and search for Whatsapp Business.
  • Next, be sure to Activate WhatsApp with a secondary number you have. The secondary number you use should be able to receive texts.
  • Once you get a verification text, simply activate WhatsApp on your iPhone.

The Whatsapp Business app is the same as the normal Whatsapp app but it also allows you to set different tasks related to business like setting up auto-reply text messages, Organize your contacts or chats with labels, so you can easily find them again, etc. Use dual WhatsApp Account On iPhone

Use dual WhatsApp Account On iPhone Use dual WhatsApp Account On iPhone

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