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iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021 iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021

In order to compete with PCs and laptops, Apple has gone out of its way to make the iPad stand out. Aside from the iPad Pro, every iPad is an excellent device for students and professionals. You can edit videos and photos just as well as other computers, and you can also take them with you wherever you go. The Magic Keyboard enabled the iPad to become a true laptop replacement with Apple’s addition. It is true that not everyone needs or wants a Magic Keyboard. Even though a physical keyboard is great, the iPad’s digital keyboard is equally as impressive. In order to make the iPad truly work for you, you just need to know a few keyboard shortcuts and tricks. Check out these six iPad keyboard tricks you didn’t know about if you want to make the most out of your tablet. iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021

iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021

iPad keyboard tips and tricks

Here are the best iPad keyboard tips and tricks in 2021: iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021

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Split in Half

Granted, you might have come across this feature by accident while using your iPad, but it’s still worth mentioning. Apple makes it easy to split the iPad keyboard in half to improve the typing experience. Please follow these steps to enable this feature: iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021

  • Start the Settings app on your iPad.
  • Go to General.
  • Tap Keyboard.
  • Make sure Split Keyboard is enabled.

Here’s how to split or undock your keyboard:

  • Start any app you want to type in.
  • Once your keyboard appears, press and hold the keyboard key located at the bottom right of your keyboard.
  • Tap on the word Split.
  • If you want to go back to normal, just tap the same keyboard button one more time and tap on Merge.

Please note, although the Split Keyboard feature isn’t readily available in the 12.9″ iPad Pro models. Why I hear you ask? Beats me. But there may be an easy workaround. iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021

Use Hidden Keys When Using a Split Keyboard

Now that you tried using the Split Keyboard on your iPad, you’re probably having some issues typing certain letters. You might want to type the letter T with your right hand, but the key is on your left side.

Pretty annoying, right? Well, Apple actually thought of this and added some extra hidden keys on the Split Keyboard to make it easier to type.

When you’re using the Split Keyboard, try pressing next to the letter Y with your right hand, and you should see that you actually type the letter T in the text field. The same goes if you try to type the letter Y by pressing next to the letter T on your left side. How cool is that? iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021

You Can Also Make Your Keyboard Float

Not only can you split your iPad keyboard, but you can also make it float as a smaller keyboard that’s better to write with one hand. iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks 2021
To try using the floating keyboard, just do the following:

  • Tap on any text field until your keyboard shows up.
  • Put two fingers on the keyboard and pinch it to make it smaller.
  • Drag your keyboard to your desired location.

Pro tip: You can also slide your finger on the floating keyboard to write without actually tapping. Your iPad will help you by auto-correcting what you write.
If you want to make it go back to normal, just put two fingers on your floating keyboard and spread them apart to enlarge it back again to its full size.

Use Your Keyboard as a Trackpad

As you can already tell, the iPad keyboard is packed with features to make your work as easy as possible, but the great news is that it can also work as a trackpad.
That’s right! You don’t need to get a fancy new Magic Keyboard or another Bluetooth mouse for your iPad. All you need to do is place two fingers on your keyboard when it appears. Your iPad’s keys will disappear, and you’ll be able to navigate any chunk of text by sliding your fingers.

Using this method also makes it easier to select text with your keyboard. Just tap twice with two fingers and immediately hold. You should see the iPad highlights one word from the text. You can slide to the left or right to keep selecting more text.

Use Key Flicks to Type Faster

To save time typing on the iPad, you need to master it.
To use Key Flicks on iPad, all you have to do is drag any key down on your keyboard and then release it. You’ll see that the “second key” from your keyboard immediately appears.
The iPad’s Key Flicks are enabled by default, but if you want to make sure you haven’t disabled it, or in case you want to, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPad.
  • Go to General.
  • Tap on Keyboard.
  • Make sure Enable Key Flicks is turned on.

Undo and Redo with Three Fingers

If you’re used to typing each day, one of your favourite keyboard shortcuts might be Command + Z or Control + Z.
Unfortunately, the iPad’s keyboard doesn’t have a Command key, although that would be a game-changer. Instead, you need to use a different way to Undo or Redo a misspelt word.

The good news is that it isn’t hard at all, and there are different ways to do it.
If you want to undo something you just typed, instead of deleting it, you can simply place three fingers on the iPad’s display (it doesn’t have to be on the keyboard itself), and swipe to the left. This will undo your most recent text.
Pro Tip: There’s another way to undo what you just wrote. All you need to do is shake your iPad, and a pop-up message will appear asking if you want to undo the last thing you wrote.

Now, if you want to redo something you just undo, you can use the same trick, only instead you have to do it the other way. That is, to redo, all you need to do is place three fingers on your iPad’s screen and then swipe to the right. A small message will appear at the top saying “Redo” or tell you that there’s nothing to redo at the time.

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