Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Custome Phone Cases form a part of your personality, just like the gadget itself. This collection of custom wooden cases for the iPhone 12 can suit every preference and requirement. Made of pure wood, the cases can also help reduce your carbon footprint. As the iPhone 12 phone cases are fully customizable with attractive graphics, artwork, logos, initials, or monograms, they add a personal touch to your phone. Composed of shock-absorbing materials, these personalized iPhone 12 phone cases go the extra mile to prevent your phone from fall damages.


  • The shock-absorbent bumper on all four sides
  • Unique artistic designs
  • Separate compartments for PIN and SIM cards
  • Rubber bumper for enhanced grip
  • Curved and stylish wood edges
  • Soft buttons for easy use
  • Metal plates along with magnet holders
  • Enlarged easy access ports for headphones, speakers, and charging holes

All these iPhone 12 cases are natural, durable, and extremely sturdy. They are made of a variety of wood, namely, Rosewood, Cherry, Walnut, and bamboo, thus 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. Offering maximum protection against bumps and falls, the personalized iPhone 12 phone cases take the appearance of your expensive gadget a notch up. Being composed of wood, they exude an earth-friendly essence that is in vogue these days. Despite being so ultramodern and unique, these phone cases fit every budget and need.

All These Cases Includes FREE Shipping in the US | Worldwide FREE Shipping after 50$

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