Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Smartphones have become an integral part of the current world. Most of the tasks we do in our lives are handled by smartphones. Smartphones are compared to the smallest computers in the world today. Which you can carry around in your pocket. In addition to communication, smartphones are being used for various purposes such as taking pictures, documentaries, etc. Before we buy a phone we think which phone will be better for us because it has to be used by any person for at least a few years. It is a bit hard to buy a phone of your choice among the new brands on the market right now. It is difficult to decide on the right phone to suit and fulfill your needs. So here is a list of things you should consider before buying a phone.

Display: The first thing to notice about a phone is the display, size, and resolution of that phone. Usually, on average5.5 inches or larger than it, that kind of display is more predominant to the user. The size and resolution of the display are somehow dependent on the use of the phone. For example, if you are using a phone, playing a video stream game, editing a video, or watching a movie, you may love a 5.5 or 6 inch full HD or QHD display resolution phone. This type of phone will be convenient to carry in your pocket or handbag.  Larger than 6 inches are extra heavy.  Also, due to the increase in the battery of Android phones, the phones have become a bit heavy. So it will be a bit difficult to carry a larger than 6-inch big phone. The processor of a phone determines the speed of the phone. Phones with higher-speed processors are more dynamic. For those who like to play video games online on the phone, faster processors should give more priority to them.  All the efficiency of a device depends on the processor.  For the processor to be the best, ram is very important. In terms of technical features, a processor should be given more importance. 

Build Quality: Bill quality is judged based on durability, but the build quality of a smartphone is basically of two types. Metallic and plastic. But there are some phones in the current market that have glass-coated panels as well.  Such phones are much more prone to breakage. If you tend to drop phones often, then it is better to avoid a phone with a glass body. 

Camera quality: The manufacturers have added features like digital cameras to the current smartphone cameras. If you want to get a good quality camera phone, then go for a phone with 12 or 16 megapixels.  That has f/2.0 of aperture. If you go with a medium-range camera, then the phones of 8 to 12 megapixels with f / 2.2 should be a good phone for you. Be sure to check the camera before buying the phone, especially the brightness of the camera and the software. 

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Battery: Which power battery is best for you depends on how you want to use the smartphone throughout the day. Normally a 3000 mAh battery can be used for a full day, if you Don’t use additional apps a 3000 mAh battery will last a whole day. 

But for those who use additional apps and do more different things over the phone, need a battery of at least 3,500mAh or more; however, it is better to have a long-lasting battery in any phone. Experts believe that the 4000 mAh battery can maintain a standard value according to the current smartphone. 

Memory and storage: A smartphone has two types of memory. RAM (Random Access Memory) ROM (Read-only memory) Usually, ROM refers to storage. ROM is used to store any pictures videos apps songs, OS, and everything on the phone. A good smartphone needs to have 3 to 4GB RAM and at least 64GB ROM. But if you want to extend your ROM space you can use a micro SD or memory card. 

Security Extra features: Security features such as fingerprint face unlock provide the necessary security on smartphones, especially as a password for accessing the phone’s secret files or an app. So check whether the handset you have bought has security features. 

OS (Operating system): People of the present age are more inclined to buy Android-based devices. There are some versions of this Google software, but if you want to buy Android, it is better to choose the latest version of the updated one.  There are two latest versions of android.  Android 9pie and Android 10. 

If the budget is limited, you should first think about which phone to buy considering the budget, but you have to be careful while buying the phone so that you’re hard-earned money does not go to waste.

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