Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Which is better, iPhone or Android? This controversy comes when you go to buy a new phone. If you want advice from anyone to buy a smartphone, he suggests buying the smartphone of his choice from experience. But even then, many people suffer from dissatisfaction when it comes to buying a smartphone. Buy an Android phone or an iPhone recently, technology experts have revealed some of the features of these two smartphones that can be helpful to buy the product of your choice. The main attraction of the iPhone is the API update. From now on, with the help of SIRI, the voice input of all the apps on Apple devices has been converted to SIRI input. On the other hand, the latest version of Android, Android Knot 8.1 is the best Android operating system in the market. But Android 7 has Google Assistant as an update to iOS’s SIRI. Which will change the experience of using your mobile device. Apart from that, notification shades, quick settings, and main settings have been made easier on this Android phone. The basic differences between Android and iOS are given below.

Home screen: The home screen is the main workspace of your device.  Both Android and iOS have home screens. But the main difference between them is that you get a separate app drawer on Android. IOS, on the other hand, does not have this app drawer feature, where all the apps are crammed into the home screen.  However, here are some things, the LG G5 Android device does not have an app drawer. Those are different things. Another great feature on Android is that here you can enjoy a variety of home screens using a third-party launcher. On the other hand, there is no opportunity to use a launcher in iOS. Instead, you can also take the fun of iOS on Android using iOS Launcher!  The launcher is a kind of full desktop managing app that transforms your entire device into a new look. The launcher has its unique icons, folders, its feature-rich apps, different layers that you can use to add variety to your device. The new iOS 10 has a sideways swipe option on the home screen where you can find Siri’s news and search page features. On the other hand, Google has its Pixel Launcher for Android.  Using which the home screen of any Android device can be made like the home screen of Google Pixel phone. Additional features include Google Now and Google Assistant on the sideswipe. After all, Android is better than iOS in terms of home screen customization.

Lock screen: Lock screen is used to get extra information or to provide security on the mobile after every turn. Today’s high-end devices feature a biometric lock screen system (such as a fingerprint scanner feature). There is also a pattern system for Pin code, Password, or Android for security. You can add variety to the lock screen by using a third-party lock screen on Android just like the home screen. But on the other hand iOS devices do not have the opportunity for lock screen customization.

Notification panel: Both Apple and Google OS have drop-down notification tools that work to highlight different notifications for your checking. Also, both calls and messages have the feature of popup notifications. Google’s notification shade converts each notification into a buttoned action. From the notification bar, you can replay messages, change music, and reply to emails without opening the main application!  There are also quick settings next to the notification shed. Where Android will give you various benefits including display brightness, volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight on and off. On the other hand, swiping down the iOS home screen will only show notifications.  And if you swipe up from the bottom, the quick settings will pop up. A dedicated music playback option is provided in iOS Quick settings.  However, it is not given the benefit of customization in iOS.

Play store: Google Play Store and Apple App Store, The main power of mobile operating systems of the present era is the service of their apps and services. Each operating system has its app distribution platform to securely deliver these apps and services to users. In this case, there is Google Play Store and Apple App Store for their users.  Although the two platforms work the same, there are some differences between them.

Performance: Performance is the key to the difference between iOS and Android.  IOS plays a tough role in controlling the hardware and software of their devices.  Google, on the other hand, only controls their Android operating system and leaves the issue of hardware to another company. If you only use mobile devices for web browsing, social network checking, taking pictures, listening to music, watching movies, and making phone calls, then the performance field will not be painful for you. The role of hardware is more important than software for performance.  On Android devices, you can choose the hardware according to your budget and needs. From 64-bit octal core processors to 32-bit dual-core processors, from 6GB RAM to 512MB RAM, from 4GB ROM to 32, 64, and even 128GB ROM Android devices are seen in the market nowadays.  Also, other hardware features like a fingerprint scanner, different megapixel camera sensors, etc. you will get on different Android devices. But the idea that the performance of Android and iPhone with the same hardware will be the same is completely wrong!  You can also see the difference in performance on different Android sets with the same hardware on paper. For almost 7/8 years, the iPhone topped the list with its dual-core processor and 5, 6, 12-megapixel camera, where it could not beat the market even with devices with more hardware capacity than Android. But now in the current era, Apple and Android are in a tough position in terms of performance.

Which is better, Android or iOS?

Although it is a perpetual debate, the outcome depends on your choice of the individual. This best or nonsense thing depends on your daily mobile usage. Moreover, your personality, fashion, etc. also play a special role in this. If you want to customize your mobile device to your liking, customize the various functions to your liking, then Android is suitable for you.  On the other hand, if you want to use a mobile device without relying on the company, then iOS is for you. To put it more simply, you have to follow the features of iOS devices!  On the other hand, Android will allow you to use the device according to the features you need. IOS is the best for you if you can work from the limitations of iOS. But if you want to get the desired mobile within the budget, you have to come to Android.

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