Make yourself an emergency charger for mobile phones

This could happen in the future, even for a long time, as there was a simultaneous power crisis all over Bangladesh. Or suppose you went to a fence. Your phone is almost charged but the phone needs to be turned on, there is an urgent call. There is no arrangement to charge around. What to do then?

Charger Bank can be a solution in this regard. However, Charger Bank is a very expensive device and it is not yet very accessible in this country.

You can easily solve this problem easily. That's why you'll need an emergency charger. An emergency charger for charging your phone can be made by itself with very little equipment.

Whatever you need

To make an emergency charger you will need three pencil batteries (AA size), a battery case, a charging jack pin (suitable for your phone) and one (enough).

How to make

Connect the three batteries to the series. See the circuit diagram to confirm the connection.


If you have difficulty connecting the battery, you can buy a battery case. You will find this kind of case at any electronics store.

mobile desk by wikitimes

Attach the charging jack to the battery case. Your emergency charger has been created for diameter.

mobile desk by wikitimes

At the end of the charger, connect the battery and check if your phone is charging.

mobile desk by wikitimes

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