How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone Using Google sync

While Android is still king, iOS is a very important platform and at some point you may want to try Apple‘s mobile OS. We won’t judge! Hey, maybe you just want to have a secondary iPad or something like that. Regardless, you will probably want to take all your contacts with you, but you must remember these are two completely different platforms.

This is definitely not like switching between two Android devices, which can easily sync through Google‘s servers. It’s also important to note that transferring contacts isn’t super tough. There are multiple ways to share information between Android handsets and an iPhone. In this post we will show you some of our very favorite solutions.

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Google Sync was a file synchronization service from Google that provided over-the-air synchronization of Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar with PC and mobile device Mail, Calendar and Address Book applications.

While Apple is not traditionally fond of supporting Android users, Google is the complete opposite. Most of the search giant’s services and features work very well on iPhones, and grabbing contacts from their servers is not the exception.

Do keep in mind this only works if you already sync your contacts to your Google account. Some devices don’t do that by default. If you have been associating all your contacts with Google’s servers, transferring contacts will be a breeze.

Just unlock your iPhone and head over to Settings > Passwords and Accounts (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar on older devices). From there, enter your Gmail account and make sure the Contacts checker is turned on. Done!

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