Five things that you can do to ease the annoyance of friends

Every day of the day, sometimes you are interacting with a friend. Sitting in college, in Varsity, at the office or at a neighborhood tea shop. Friends are talking to you, it's okay to laugh. But you do not know that some of your behavior is disturbed by friends. Let's know how to eliminate those five behaviors.

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Eliminate odor of mouth:

There may be a bad odor in our face for various reasons. If there is gas in the abdomen, if there is a problem with the teeth, if not brushed properly, then smoking can also cause bad breath. It may be that friends are not telling you right. But they do suffer from discomfort when talking to you. So, take action today to know if you have a bad odor in your mouth and why it is the origin of this odor.

Remove body odor:

It isstrue that one's own body does not feel that way. However, the smell of sweat on your body can be the cause of your friend's discomfort. Many people sweat a lot. It also causes perfume in their body after use of perfumes. So to eliminate the odor of the body, you must take regular baths, and when changing the clothing, the clothing should change quickly. Use with body spray, deodorant or any fragrance.

Do not sneeze with an open mouth:

Sneezing is actually the rule of sneezing with a hand or handkerchief on the face. But many do not. When talking to friends, many people sneeze at the sound of bad. The disease is spreading through you, as your friends are upset. So while giving a sneeze, you must go aside and sneeze with your mouth in your nose. The disease will not spread germs, so your friends will not be disturbed.

Don't knock on someone's physical flaws:

People have no hand over physical defects. Many may have a physical defect from birth or may have a physical defect later due to an accident. A person with a physical defect in this matter has a lot of trouble in himself. In that case it is inappropriate to make a joke or knock on the error. It will hurt your friend as well as other friends will not see you well. So refrain from doing this kind of work.

Remember the small lendings:

We borrow money from friends for various activities. Maybe the rickshaw fare is not exempt and maybe you will recharge the mobile, ever or photocopied the note. Sometimes he borrowed twenty bucks, sometimes fifty bucks. The amount of money you could not remember was a small matter. But your friend might have remembered that. With a little money he might not even be able to tell you anything. Think about how uncomfortable that thing is. So keep in mind these small borrowings. You can write in draft or diary for mobile to remember.

Everything seems seemingly ordinary. But do not think for yourself whether you are upset with your friend's behavior. So think about things from today. If one of them is in your shake it up. Become popular with friends.

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