How to take care of the lampshade in your home

"Lampshade" does not compare to changing the appearance of your home and decorating your home.

Those who are a bit fond and eager to enhance the beauty of their home, do not forget to use the lampshade.

Not only table lamps, stand lampshades, hanging lampshades and different types of lampshades, we can radically change the atmosphere of our home.

The whole atmosphere of the house is transformed into a cozy and warm weather in a moment by the gentle shades of lampshade.

But just keeping the lampshade in the room is your job?

Not at all. If you do not take good care of your lampshade, it will soon lose all its beauty.

So your job is to look after the lampshade regularly. Let's see how you take care of the lampshade in your home.


* The first thing you need to do to take care of the lampshade is to wipe the lampshade once every day with a soft cloth. There is no chance of accumulating dirt.

However, it is important to remember to avoid using wet cloth when it is not necessary.

* If your lampshade is cotton, the first thing you need to do to clean it is to sweep the dust off with a brush from the lampshade.

Then gently rinse the lampshade with a little powder of soap in the water. Then dry thoroughly in the sun.

* It is often seen that lamps, paper and paper work on various lampshades. When cleaning the lampshade, use a clean brush. Because they are wasted when they are washed.

So rub the brush on the bottom with a brush and clean it. The lampshade will stay fresh and shiny for a long time.

* Take extra care when cleaning shades. Do not rinse the shade too loudly.

It is likely to break the glass and cause an accident. Hold the shed in one hand and clean the shade in the other hand.

* Damp dirt accumulates in the lampshade, making the light brighter and wider. So clean the inside of the shade with tissue paper.

It is not advisable to use more than 5 or 5 power bulbs in a cloth or handmade paper shade. Do not light the lamp for too long.

Regular care of the lampshade purchased by your hobby can increase its longevity and brightness.

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